Executive Online Coaching Vs In Person Trainers

Ever feel forgotten about when you leave your trainer to go home?

Ever wonder why you're eating so low of calories?

Ever wonder if there's an easier way than working out 7 days a week?

You just found your new home.

We do things a bit differently. Once you hire us, we completely tailor a program directly for your goals and movement patterns. We constantly assess your patterns to get the most out of your program. 

We wish in person training could be different, but right now there are 2 things preventing it:

1. Time/Money. Time is money. In person trainers fight for their next $20-60 and have to take any client on to make an extra $20. We make sure we're the right fit for you and you're the right fit for us. We don't take on just every client that reaches out to us or we'd never be able to keep up with your program! They're cheap for a reason. You're going to fail with them because they failed you the moment you signed up with them. They're looking for their next $20 because it's tough as an in person trainer. They don't have the time to tailor things to you, to check in with you, continue their education to better themselves to help you even more. But that's exactly what we do. We take additional specializations to help you beyond the typical scope of the lazy in person trainer. You're a human. We're going to treat you like one. No a number. If you go cheap, you're going to end up wasting time, money, unneeded supplements, products, you name it. We're not up for the gimmicks. We know what works - eat MORE & workout LESS - WITHOUT cardio.

2. COVID. Yep. Had to be said. These are some rough times. 75% of gym go-ers said they would never step foot in a gym again. We don't blame you. This is why everyone is jumping to get the equipment at home. Need a bodyweight program to start? No problem. Want to lift heavy soon? You got it. We can program it all. But we need to keep you safe and at a distance. We just want to help people. That's why we're here. We need to stay safe and health just like you - and we recommend whatever is going to keep you safe while keeping your mental health in mind as well.