Our Story

We’re Crystal and Lukas- your coaches from Lionheart Strength. We’ve been together for more than a decade and were very young when we started dating. We both knew what we wanted out of life and took charge of our own lives.

We’ve gone through a 120 lbs and 100 lb weight loss journey ourselves. We did everything wrong the first time, so you don’t have to. We learned all the tips & tactics for a healthy weight loss journey through our journeys. Best advice? Eat more, workout less, without cardio, to achieve your dream body.

I, Crystal, had no one there to support me throughout my weight loss journey, battling depression, anxiety, and binge eating disorder. Dr’s and therapy didn’t help. I was alone. That’s why I created Lionheart Strength and why we have an exclusive Facebook group to support every one of you - join the Pride. Inside Pride Rock - Lionheart Strength’s Transformation Headquarters & Support Group.

Using these tips & tactics we discovered, I beat depression, anxiety, and binge eating disorder. I always say we have two things in this world - our time and health. Without our health, we have no more time. Our program is for life, not a summer body. We believe in teaching you how to do this on your own so you’ll be the master one day. Through our 1:1 coaching program, we’ll guide you on what it takes to complete your weight loss journey, maintain, and maybe even sculpt your body if that’s a goal of yours. One day down the road, you will have mastered habits and routine building, fitness, nutrition, sleep, mindset, the whole package to do this on your own so that you won’t need us anymore. Unless you still need help with pillar #3 - support. We got you covered there.

We got fat together and fit together. We didn’t gain 100+lbs overnight, so I don’t know why we thought we could find the quick fix. We love helping others master their journeys while we can be there to provide the tips, tools, and support in your back pocket for a fraction of the cost of an in-person trainer. We train clients worldwide so we can be there to support more people that need us. We’re interested in changing your life, solving your problems and creating solutions so we can create a rock-solid foundation for you to sustain this for the rest of your life.

Meet Crystal

I'm Crystal from Lionheart Strength. Seven years ago, I looked down and realized how much weight I had gained. Yet, I didn't notice the amount adding up. That day I made a decision. To start looking after my health. I grew up on frozen chicken strips, pizza, hot dogs, Kraft Dinner, anything fast and full of empty calories. I ate the occasional banana and sometimes corn—no other fruit or veggies in my diet. I didn't even eat much meat since that took time to cook. Every weekend I ate at McDonald's, Wendy's, and Montana's. When I started ordering a double big Mac, that should have been the sign I was overeating. But I knew I was out of control. So I started doing all the wrong fad diets and workouts that the internet told me would work. I'd lose a couple of pounds, plateau, gain again. I have no idea why since I was tracking everything.

Over the next five years, I lost some weight but kept gaining it back. It wasn't until the sixth year that I figured it out. I found the secrets to healthy weight loss. I lost 62lbs that year in two rounds of ninety days. Do you know those fad diets? I did them too. You know the whole no days off and daily cardio sweat session? I did those too. I used my fitness pals' recommendations for calories and starved myself on the severely too low calories. That was me as well. It took me five years to learn the secret method - eat more and workout less without cardio to achieve your dream body. Now I eat around 2500 calories a day to maintain.

If you're struggling with your transformation as I did, that's where we thrive. Want to know what I learned in year seven? I learned to love myself. I was happy, confident, and proud. I created a system that I could duplicate using tailored methods. I also made huge improvements with my overall health, gut health and focused on my mental health instead of my physical health. I changed the way I ate food. I changed how I worked out. I worked myself out of depression and out of my binge eating disorder. So I'm here to tell you that you're not alone. I've been there too. After losing 120 lbs, defeating depression and an eating disorder, and learning to love myself have made me a different person. Now I'm healthy inside and out—top to bottom. My mental health is at an all-time high - like my energy levels!

Meet Lukas

At Lionheart Strength, we got a whole team behind you. I'm one of the two coaches you get with us. But I didn't always look this good. Back in high school, I played football and rugby and was always active. Then once I stopped playing sports, I realized I had an extra 100 lbs on me. It weighed me down every day. My mental health was at an all-time low, and my physical health was a joke. I thought my portions were normal until I started learning about nutrition. I knew what I was doing in the gym, but I wasn't moving - except at work. I was working 12 hour days, and when I got home, I didn't want to do anything but sit on the couch and stuff my face. Yet, I still didn't decide to lose weight. I was 100lbs heavier than I'd ever been. And not motivated for the change. If you're struggling in your transformation as I did, that's where we thrive.

When Crystal started working out for the first time, that's when my journey began. I first went for support and to show her what to do. Then I saw progress. I was enjoying myself in the gym. The weight slowly came off but would creep back up. I was getting strong in the gym. But my body wasn't looking like I wanted it to be. I knew how to work out, but I didn't correctly program and phase workouts. That is when my weight loss journey took off. When I changed how I programmed my exercising, I loved seeing the progress. But something was missing. I struggle with accountability, and that's ok - even coaches typically have a coach.

But where I knew I was struggling was my nutrition. I was eating leftovers and mindlessly eating or snacking too much at work with the free food they offered. When I learned how to meal prep and track my nutrition, the lbs started coming right off. In 90 days, I lost the last 30 lbs in my 100 lb weight loss journey. Now I got jacked. But I prefer a bit extra body fat on me than my after photos. And that's ok because it's how I want to see my own body. I honestly thought I could outwork a bad diet. That was a joke. I needed my movement, a great diet, and working on my accountability and mindset before I could finally get the last of my 100 lbs off me. No more summer body. No more yoyo dieting. This lifestyle is for me. And I'm proud to say that I have learned the value of self-confidence for the first time.